from the Second Chair

WXP: Women Executive Pastors

Welcome to the Women Executive Pastors Group, also known as WXP. We are a group of women who sit on executive teams and function in second chair positions at our churches. Our typical jobs include staff and leadership development, budgeting, hiring and firing, and more. Some of us teach. All of us carry tremendous loads.

This passionate, wonderful, crazy group of women come together annually at a three-day gathering as well as collaborate, virtually, throughout the rest of the year through online and through social media.

Have more questions? We thought you might.

What are the requirements to join WXP?

  • All members of WXP serve in an executive role in their church. They either report directly to the lead pastor or sit on the senior level executive team. Specific responsibilities might include HR, strategic planning, teaching, leadership development, crisis management, staff oversight, and finance.
  • You must believe in the Triune God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and that salvation is through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

What is the cost?

  • There is no cost to join WXP. Once you join, we encourage you to attend our annual three-day gathering. All travel expenses, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the individual attending.

How does WXP stay in contact throughout the year?

  • We share resources and communicate via the Mighty Network portal. We have a few housekeeping guidelines for our group communications – for example, if you know of a healthy, gifted, high-EQ Kingdom changer that is looking for a specific role, you are encouraged to share their contact info with the group. We request that you do not share job openings due to the volume of openings present in each church.

Who leads WXP?

  • The group is led by Judy West from The Crossing in St. Louis, MO. Judy, along with an experienced leadership team, keeps the group moving forward. The team has been together since the first Leadership Network HUB gathering in 2009.

The leadership team includes:

Judy West, The Crossing
St. Louis, MO

Debbie Pell, Celebration Church
New Orleans, LA

Kadi Cole, KadiCole.com

Jamye Cappadonna
San Antonio, TX

Michelle Cox, Life Center
Tacoma, WA